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New water and smoke sensor options added to IAQ Profile Monitor lineup


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PPM Technology now offers a water sensing option to the IAQ Profile monitor configuration. Available for both the large IAQ Profile monitor as well as the mini IAQ Profile Monitor, the single zone water detection cable allows the IAQ monitor to detect slight changes in water concentration in a room or warehouse, so as to alert the user in the event of a water leak or rising water levels within the building.

 We now offer a smoke detection sensor for the IAQ range of profile monitors. Able to detect the smallest trace of smoke within a room and alert the user straight away.

The Wireless IAQ Profile Monitor system is a integrated wireless system for monitoring multiple indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters, including but not limited to - Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone, Ammonia, VOC’s, Methane, Glutaraldehyde, Chlorine, Smoke, Water and Air velocity.

The two wireless instrument models available are the full-size IAQ Monitor (containing a maximum of 7 sensors) and the Mini IAQ Monitor (Up to 5 sensors). A large number of monitoring units can be networked together to enable complete monitoring of an entire building. 

Readings are sent to a control PC/Laptop in real-time, the PPMonitor software allows the user to access results, create reports and monitoring schedules. Real-time functions enable immediate warnings of the presence of harmful gases in the air thus protecting employees and the public;


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