New Water Tanks in New Shape and Sizes



Recently, with companies facing stiff fines for waste water finding it’s way into water systems.  Introducing the Enduramaxx 30,000 litre vertical storage tank.  This high capacity water tank means that waste water, as well as rainwater and liquid fertiliser, can be kept safe in a very rugged, ribbed-designed UV-stabilised polyethylene structure.

For those wishing to store large volumes of water and other liquids at lower level, we have just launched our Enduramaxx 22,000 litre low profile tank.  A horizontal tank that boasts all of the rugged design features you will see in other Enduramaxx tanks, but this horizontal tank sits at just 2600 mm high.

Whether you are buying for agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural, industrial or irrigation purposes, there is an Enduramaxx tank to suit your requirements.  To speak to a member of our team and for more information on Enduramaxx vertical storage tanks, horizontal tanks, cone bottom tanks, water tanks and sprayers, click here!

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