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New York City Renovation Projects and Required Asbestos Assessments


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VOETS, LLC provides testing, monitoring, and consulting services to comply with New York City asbestos regulations and ACP5 filing requirements.

New York, NY -- Building owners in New York City that are contemplating renovation, alteration, or demolition activities are responsible for determining whether asbestos-containing materials are present in any areas that will be affected by the work. This means that anytime someone files for a permit with the Department of Building they are required to obtain an ACP5 form to show it is not an asbestos project.

Only individuals certified as asbestos investigators by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) can engage in building surveys and hazard assessments for asbestos. According to the DEP, certified asbestos investigators have satisfactorily demonstrated an ability to identify the presence and evaluate the condition of asbestos in buildings or structures. These professionals can file ACP5 forms after conducting an asbestos survey and maintaining adequate documentation. 

New York City’s premier provider of asbestos surveys is VOETS, LLC. They utilize a NYC DEP Certified Asbestos Investigator for each survey and are thus allowed to select and collect the necessary bulk samples for asbestos analysis for these types of projects. ACP5 surveys also comply with the New York State requirement to perform a survey of the impacted portions of structures to identify the presence of asbestos prior to advertising for bids or contracting for or commencing work on any demolition/renovation work on a building. In addition to ACP5 investigations, they offer comprehensive asbestos inspections throughout the city and tri-state area.

“The ACP5 form provides building owners, occupants, and workers all with the knowledge that asbestos-containing materials are not present in the area that will be under construction, demolition or renovation,” said Michael Berrevoets, President, VOETS, LLC. “This form must have the seal of a NYC DEP Certified Asbestos Investigator. At VOETS, our staff provides building owners with asbestos surveys, material testing, record keeping, and the required seal of a Certified Asbestos Investigator, including same day form preparation, so that building projects can proceed in a timely manner in accordance with Local, State, and Federal regulations.”

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