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Newest NanoCeram® HyFlo™ Industrial Housings have 3 times greater flow rate


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Argonide Corporation has expanded its HyFlo™ filter housings to include two new models. Flow rates can now exceed 1300 gpm if desired; and according to company president Fred Tepper, “We will continue to listen to our customers and work to meet their needs.” End-users in the food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, metals, power generation, automotive and printing industries require the level of filtration provided by NanoCeram filters, but with higher volume requirements. These two additions to the HyFlo™ product line answer this need.

Each NanoCeram® HyFlo™ housing provides the user with all the NanoCeram® technological advantages including generous flowrates, the ultra-high efficiencies and the large capacity of NanoCeram® Filters; while avoiding the disadvantages of multiple housings. The user also eliminates the installation complexity and increased maintenance time and costs to service multiple housings as often found in many facilities.

NanoCeram® filters have been performing exceptionally well as prefilters for protecting RO membranes. This is particularly evident when incorporated into HyFlo™ housings as their performance exceeds that of hollow fiber membranes. Their use in protecting RO is the subject of a forthcoming joint paper between Argonide and Toyota, where major reductions in water consumption and O&M costs will be reported.

Argonide’s custom-built stainless steel housings are now available in five sizes and all models hold multiple 4.5” x 20” Big Blue cartridge filters. Manufactured from high quality 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, HyFlo™ housings are 150 psi-rated and utilize either clamp or swing-bolt closures depending on the model. The new HBB-380 & HBB-760 models incorporate 6” flanges. Depending on the customer’s needs, Argonide can supply other sizes for the inlet and/or outlet ports.

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