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Exposure Control Charts, Contractor Binders & Automatic Label PPE

July 6, 2012 -- We have developed our binder system to provide maximum functionality for your entire company. That means that we are continually adding features to the system as our clients needs grow.  The latest additions to our system are as follows:

Exposure Control Product Reference Chart: These charts will allow users to mark products that contain ingredients from ACGIH Skin Notation 2011 health list.  The chart will indicate the target organs that are affected by product ingredients on health lists.

Contractor Binders: This feature allows users to create binder structures for contractors.  These contractors can then be given access to their specific MSDS.  Contractors will have limited access and functionality to maintain confidentiality and control. * This feature is not enabled by default, please contact MSDS Binders to have it activated and to receive training.

Labels: Label Personal Protective Equipment is now auto-populated based on Product Use-specific PPEs entered in the Product Profile.

Automatic System Access: If your company has an intranet and would like to provide employees access to the msdsBinders system without username and password, contact us today and we'll make it happen.

Inventory Quantity Capabilities: Coming in March. msdsBinders customers will  have the ability to add quantities by product within each binder.  This will allow companies to easily determine quantities for each binder, and to summarize quantities to parent binders.  This will be very useful for various government regulatory reports, such as CEPA 71.   Inventory lists can also be filtered by regulatory lists, making it easier for inventory workers to target relevant products.

Doubled Sided Printing: Use less paper when printing physical binders by clicking on the Duplex Printing Option.

Obsolete Notices:Obsolete notices are automatically attached and printed with the MSDS to inform staff that the product is no longer manufactured.

Renewed MSDS Stamp:When a supplier decides to not re-issue the outdated MSDS because all information is current, msdsBinders will attach a letter from the supplier as proof that the MSDS is up-to-date.  The date on the letter will then become the new issue date.

New Download MSDS Features:

  • MSDS files will now save with Product and Supplier name
  • When downloading binders, you can customize the name that will  appear on your binder cover 
  • The binder download default will merge all MSDSs for printing; however, now you can override the default and customize the binder by selecting specific MSDSs to merge for printing.

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