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Next generation of cracker mills are here


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Arrowhead International, LLC is a leading supplier of tire recycling machinery. We are announcing the next generation cracker mill which is the largest highest crumb producing mill  made today. Arrowhead was the first company to make a new roller bearing cracker mill with oil circulation to the bearings. Roller bearings eliminates many of the traditional issues ith bronze bearings.

Roller bearings eliminates bearing overheating issues, saves you in lubrication costs. saves energy, allows you to hold a tighter gap between the rolls which increases throughput. Our larger rolls means higher throughput of crumb per hour. The mill has dual drive which increases the throughput per hour.

The Arrowhead 'Chief' cracker mill has the most advanced technology of any mill on he market, such as bearing temperature monitoring and many safety interlocks to alert the operator of any issues and prevent damage to your mill. Safety interlocks include bearing lubrication monitoring, roll coolant monitoring , bearing temperature monitoring. If any issues arise the operator is alerted the mill automatically shuts down to prevent damage. 

We offer the most advaned hopper with the mill that controls the inflow of rubber to the rolls. The mill maintains the proper amount of feedstock on the rolls to maximize throughput. no one else offers this important feature.

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