“NEXT GENERATION” TYRE RECYCLING From concept to completion


Source: Van Aarsen International B.V.

New opportunities in the integral project approach for tyre recycling delivered by Van Aarsen Rubber Technology

Van Aarsen, a world-leading turnkey project supplier introduces “Next Generation” tyre recycling systems for the production of tyre derived value added rubber powders and granules.

Van Aarsen became involved in Tyre Recycling during the early eighties when a former employee took the first steps in tyre recycling. When leaving the diversification strategy in the late eighties their roads split.
Re-entering the tyre recycling market is consistent with Van Aarsen’s strategy to provide custom made solutions from concept to completion.

At the beginning of 2004, Van Aarsen acquired Konings Rubber Technology B.V.; a world-leading turnkey project supplier for the tyre recycling industry. The acquisition of Konings Rubber Technology B.V., with its impressive reference list, formed the starting point of the development of Tyre Recycling Systems of the Future.

Its Van Aarsen’s philosophy to apply exclusively designed machines and systems for the complicated process of recycling of tyres. An innovation programme called “Next Generation” recycling systems is in its round up testing and implementation phase. The progress made in quality output, efficiency, flexibility, maintenance and durability show great promise for future tyre recycling professionals.

Van Aarsen now offers turnkey systems of unparalleled performance, and individual machines that can be easily integrated into existing multi-machine processing lines.

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