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NGWA hosts November conference on petroleum hydrocarbons and organic chemicals in groundwater


The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) is hosting its “Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Organic Chemicals in Ground Water: Prevention, Detection, and Remediation Conference” November 2-3 in Costa Mesa, California.

NGWA has held this conference for more than 20 years, training groundwater professionals on how to protect groundwater from contamination, as well as how to clean up contaminated groundwater from spills and leaks. Through the years, in addition to petroleum hydrocarbons, the conference has expanded to cover many types of organic compounds.

This year’s conference topics include:
• Indoor air and vapor intrusion
• Regulatory issues
• Oil shale exploration and development
• The impact of gasohol and ethanol on hydrocarbons in groundwater
• Prevention of groundwater contamination
• Site characterization and monitoring
• Chlorinated solvents
• Natural attenuation processes
• Clean-up goals and site closures
• Working with stakeholders.

To learn more about this conference, as well as the many other NGWA educational programs, visit or call 800 551.7379 (614 898.7791).

About NGWA

NGWA, a nonprofit organization comprised of more than 13,000 U.S. and international groundwater professionals—contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, scientists, and engineers—is dedicated to advancing groundwater knowledge. NGWA’s vision is to be the leading groundwater association that advocates the responsible development, management, and use of water.

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