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Nitrogen and Carbon in steel with improved mobile analyser


The latest version of SPECTROTEST from SPECTRO Analytical is the only mobile OES Spectrometer capable of segregating Duplex steels by Nitrogen content, and also the only one that can measure Carbon in steels down to 0.1% without the need for argon flushing. This is the latest step in a continuous process of product improvement since the first SPECTROTEST was introduced in 1979.

A number of advances in technology have made this possible. The “Plasma Generator” totally digital spark control accurately defines and controls the energy in the plasma, which significantly improves precision, reproducibility and measuring speed. The sample probe is new too: it is lighter, slimmer and more convenient to use when space is restricted. The patented new scrubbing system improves the optical performance to permit the measurement of Carbon in low alloy steels in air.  An optional UV probe permits the measurement of light elements such as N, P, S, Be and B and can be interchanged with the standard probe in seconds. This advanced technology is combined with a rugged, compact but high performance optical system that uses the latest CCD detector technology. The SPECTROTEST also uses ICAL, SPECTRO’s Intelligent Calibration Logic, that monitors the instrument’s performance and automatically corrects for any calibration drift using a single control sample. For PMI, alloy grades are quickly identified against the instrument’s internal libraries. Another feature that makes the user’s task easier is APF (Automatic Programme Finding) which uses the measured spectrum to ensure that the best measurement parameters and programme are used for the sample.


SPECTRO Analytical Instruments is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments for optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. SPECTRO manufactures advanced instruments, develops the best solutions for strongly varying applications and provides exemplary customer service. SPECTRO’s products are exemplified by unique technical capabilities that deliver measureable benefits to the customer. From its foundation in 1979 until today, more than 30,000 analytical instruments have been delivered to customers around the world.

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