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Non-ferrous separator for recycled wood


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The recently initiated project cooperation between Goudsmit Magnetic Systems B.V. in Waalre and Van Bemmel Machine Import B.V. in IJsselstein with Hector van Moer in Melsele/Beveren in Belgium, ensures that all non-ferrous metals located in the wood chips are completely removed from the processed B-wood fraction. It involves mainly shredded aluminium components but also non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass. All components are smoothly separated from the wood.

In order to be able to process as much as possible, a two-metre wide non-ferrous separator has been installed.  This ensures a guaranteed capacity of the series-connected Backers 3-fraction screening plant, while still achieving a high degree of separation efficiency. The capacity ranges from 125 to 150 m3 per hour. By installing a two-metre wide separator Hector van Moer is able to provide its customers with an approved wood product. Another important aspect of the use of this installation is that the proceeds of separated non-ferrous metals contribute to an accelerated return on investment of the set-up.

The system has been especially designed for the recycling industry and is intended for a heavy and dirty work environment. The non-ferrous separator is available with an operating width varying from 30 cm to a maximum of 2 metres, allowing for the processing of large amounts of waste. The entire system consists of a base frame, a vibration conveyor, a control unit and the non-ferrous separator.

The end of the conveyor construction contains a fast-rotating Neoflux magnetic rotor. The speed of the rotor can be increased from 0 -3,000 revolutions per minute. This super-strong magnetic rotor creates eddy currents. The eddy currents generate an opposing magnetic field, as a result of which the non-ferrous metals are propelled away from the separator. These metals can be captured behind the partition of the separator. The application areas for the non-ferrous separator are numerous, such as for example clinkers, car scrap, glass, household refuse, wood, plastics, construction and demolition waste. The company has manufactured a test installation for carrying out tests, which can provide a good assessment of the expected result.

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