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Not only Christo is a master of wrapping!


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The largest individual order we have received to date...

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you - this artistic installation is not the end result of our activities in Hong Kong. Concealed here is the first assembled refrigerator plant of the largest individual order we have received to date.

What is no secret, however, is that on 27.01.2017 all 75 containers will be delivered, meaning that in the following week further plant can also be assembled.

A complex recycling park with a total of 8 recycling plants will be created. It will include 2 LCD monitor recycling plants for devices  over 30”, one LCD recycling plant for devices  under 30”, a CRT plant, an electronic scrap recycling plant, a recycling plant for air conditioning devices and two plants for cooling equipment and NH3 devices.

Should everything go according to plan, by the end of May everything will be revealed and our plants should all be running smoothly.

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