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NPL launches new guide with Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring Users` Group


Source: National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

he National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring Users` Group (ARMUG) have launched a new guide: The Examination, Testing and Calibration of Tritium-in-air Monitors for Radiation Protection

The guide, which was written in collaboration with the radiation user community, describes recommended procedures for the examination, testing and calibration of tritium-in-air monitoring equipment, to comply with the legal requirements set by the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999.

Because some types of tritium-in-air monitors are either installed or not readily transportable, it is necessary to carry out periodic examination and testing of this equipment in the workplace. The procedures detailed in this guide provide the minimum level of testing that is recommended for instruments used in normal operating conditions.

Explore the guide to learn about:

  • Testing regime of tritium-in-air monitoring equipment
  • Pre-calibration checks
  • Specific tests for portable tritium-in-air monitors
  • Facilities needed to undertake the tests
  • Tests certification

The guide is aimed primarily at technicians using tritium-in-air monitoring equipment. The level of content discussed in the guide is moderately technical. Although an in-depth knowledge of the tritium-in-air instrumentation is not necessary, a basic understanding of radioactivity is assumed.

ARMUG consists of representatives of UK establishments and organisations actively involved in air monitoring for radioactivity, including monitoring for particulate or gaseous radioactivity at environmental, workplace and process control levels. It is the aim of the group to facilitate the exchange of information regarding UK calibration facilities and their efficient use by those required to comply with the regulations.

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