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Nuclear Executive Leadership Training, Class of 2015


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The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Enterprise Assessments, National Training Center (NTC) conducted its 15th annual Nuclear Executive Leadership Training (NELT) on August 17-22, 2015 in Washington, DC. Since the inception of NELT in 2005, approximately 350 senior personnel across the complex have participated in this event. Participation is by invitation only and consists of high achievers throughout the DOE complex, including managers and deputy managers from the field and senior managers from DOE and NNSA headquarters. NELT provides structured supplemental training for DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) senior personnel to assist them in improving their capability to fulfill nuclear safety and leadership responsibilities within the department, as required by DOE Order 450.2, Integrated Safety Management.

The curriculum for NELT is updated annually to address current complex needs and issues. Learning objectives are met through a combination of formal classroom presentations, participation in case studies and exercises, high level internal and external lunch speakers, and extensive interaction between participants. This year, with efforts of subject matter experts from around the complex, History of the Nuclear Complex was added to our curriculum. Also, significant emphasis was placed on safety culture, leadership, problem solving, and decision making as well as new case studies in oversight, safety basis, and managing environmental issues.

NELT guest speakers are senior executives from DOE as well as other federal agencies (such as NRC, NTSB, USCSB, DNFSB, and others). Bill Eckroade, Deputy Director for the Office of Enterprise Assessments was this year’s opening speaker. Additionally, we were proud to have the following as our honored lunch guest speakers:

  • Chris Hart, Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board
  • William Ostendorff, Commissioner at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • David Klaus, Deputy Undersecretary for Management and Performance, DOE
  • Jimmy McMillian, Chief Security Officer, DOE
  • Gene Runkle, Chief Security Officer, DOE
  • Madelyn Creedon, NNSA Principle Deputy Administrator

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