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NVH testing on the move from Bruel & Kjaer

Binaural recording and analysis is now much simpler and quicker to perform with the launch of Bruel & Kjaer’s super-slim PDA-based tool, SoNoScout NVH.

Created to record and analyse binaural sound for NVH development applications, the SoNoScout system is ideal for conformation of prototype or design performance changes, benchmarking of competitor vehicles and evaluating vehicle behaviour during on-road tests.

Recording is carried out via two high-quality microphones which - for convenience and comfort - are mounted on to a pair of folding headphones. Immediately after recording, the stored data is available for replay and analysis. The saved data can be analysed on the PDA itself, transferred to the supplied PC software or even exported to other analysis systems, such as Bruel & Kjaer’s PULSE data analyser.

The PDA’s display has large, simple icons making it easy - and safe - to control the start and stop of recordings, even whilst the operator is driving.

“SoNoScout has been designed to provide engineers with complete flexibility,” said Keith Vickers, Technical Specialist for Bruel & Kjaer UK. “It contains analogue and digital sound cards for recording with the supplied microphones or a head and torso simulator. It simultaneously stores audio and positional data through an included Global Positioning System (GPS) device. As well as route mapping, this also allows the user to plot vehicle speed during the recording.

“The audio and vehicle performance data recorded by SoNoScout can also be used for analysis with Bruel & Kjaer’s PULSE NVH Vehicle Simulator, as both systems are fully compatible,” he adds.

The entire SoNoScout NVH system is contained in one rugged transport case and the main components are compact enough to fit inside a jacket pocket.

Bruel & Kjaer UK is also running a free, interactive training course called Ultra Portable Sound Quality, which covers Sound Quality metrics (e.g. LAeq, Loudness, Roughness, etc.), measurement procedure and post-processing - it will act as an introduction for the new SoNoScout system.

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