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Oadby & Wigston borough councils latest scarab road sweeper


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When Brian Kew, Transport Manager at Oadby & Wigston BC, needed something a little different, he turned to Scarab Sweepers for help. “We wanted a sweeper that was slightly out of the ordinary”, explained Brian. “The reason for choosing Scarab once again is that they deliver everything we ask for.”

Asked to elaborate, Brian went on to say, “we needed a very manoeuvrable sweeper that could offer us a long working cycle, so the DAF 45 12t chassis with a Merlin body was a perfect fit. But, to go with that, we needed an overhead boom to empty gullies, as we found it was far more cost effective for the Council to empty them, rather than an outside contractor. To carry out this task, an overhead boom was required and on a 12t chassis this is usually outside of the norm. That is where the Scarab design team got to work and the end result, pictured below, really does satisfy all our needs.”

This new Scarab Merlin purchased by Oadby & Wigston BC means we have been their main supply for road sweepers for more than16 years now, which gives us at Scarab great satisfaction with not only in the products we sell but importantly that our relationship and the support we provide our customers is still first-class.

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