OceanAlpha Group Ltd.

OceanAlpha Group Ltd.

Ocean Alpha introduces new technology to curb water pollution in Ghana


Source: OceanAlpha Group Ltd.

Ocean Alpha, a Chinese company which specialises in USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicles) has launched its state of the art technology to remedy the deteriorating state of Ghana’s water bodies and also to limit the rate at which our water bodies are being polluted.

Minister of Ghana water resources visted oceanalpha booth and admire our technology

The company showcased their products at the Water Africa and West Africa Building Construction Exhibition 2017 held at the Accra International Center, The week-long programme created an avenue for companies to exhibit new technologies suitable for the construction industry.

In recent times Ghana has been struck with water pollution crisis and the issue is almost becoming unresolvable with the advent of “galamsey” which is like a new cancer for the country and its citizens. Ocean Alpha believes can reduce drastically if their technology is used by industrial companies, governmental agencies, research institutes and universities to protect and monitor the condition of our water bodies.