Odour neutralization and air quality control.


Source: Labiotest Srl

Labiotest is the Gruppo Luci company which has worked for more than 20 years in the field of smells neutralization and air quality control. Labiotest started as laboratory for environmental analyses and, as a pioneer on the market, developed activities in the field of odours to become an indispensable partner for those who are faced with such problems. Labiotest always considered it was important to invest in research. This is the reason why it has been involved for more than ten years in research and experiments together with the most important Italian scientific institutes. It has thus obtained extraordinary results and may now guarantee higher than 85% efficiencies as regards odour concentration demolition in various fields. Labiotest is a leading company able to offer a wide range of services to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. A complete service includes:
- the analysis of problems on the production site
- advice on standards to comply with
- plant design, realization, testing and start-up
- assistance and maintenance of equipments through a global service. There are three basic modes for Labiotest to deal with odours problems
o osmogenic barriers
o biological treatments
o oxide reduction filtering systems

Osmogenic barriers are the best solution to the problem of smells, whether emissions are conveyed or diffused. They stop malodorous molecules by interfering with their trajectory and encapsulating them inside neutralizing molecules. The mixture consisting of water and a neutralizing product is distributed through spraying systems equipped with nozzles creating a real barrier against odours. All the equipments are designed and manufactured by Labiotest.  Biological treatments are ideal solutions to deal with smells coming from waste, whether solid or liquid, particularly inside waste collection bins, storage areas, etc. Furthermore, Labiotest works in the field of reclamation by using specific and high quality micro-organisms and selected enzymes that have not been genetically modified, in order to reduce the polluting load and relative olfactive impact of biological matrixes on polluted sites.
Last but not least, Labiotest offers an innovative solution as an alternative to traditional demolition systems. This is a chemical-physical dry filtering system denominated DKFIL® that ensures an oxide reduction process. DKFIL® plays a double role in neutralizing odours and reducing chemical contaminants present in effluents. A proper sizing of filtering masses in DKFIL® allows for efficiencies of more than 90% as regards odour concentration and chemical contaminants demolition, while eliminating any type of maintenance and work for a minimum of 12 months after the equipment has been set up. Labiotest is your competent and reliable partner in a position to solve any odour problem most successfully. Changing air is more than a good habit to us: it is our mission.

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