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OHD FitTester Selected as Instrument of Choice by Homeland Security


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OHD is pleased to announce that the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness Mobile Training Unit has selected the OHD FitTester 3000 as the instrument to use for training respirator fit testing in the United States. The Center for Domestic Preparedness prepares response teams all over the U.S. to address public dangers dealing with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) events. Such events include those involving chemical, biological, radiological, and to a lesser degree, explosive devices. Those subjected to training are those who provide this country’s “first line of defense” and, in this role, need the best fit testing protection available on the market. This group includes law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, public works, and EMA. The majority of this training by the Department of Homeland Security is hands-on and requires the responders to wear Personal Protection Equipment. The Center for Domestic Preparedness teaches the use and implementation of a respirator program, including requirements for annual fit testing using the OHD FitTester 3000.

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