Oil in Water Detection


Source: LAR Process Analysers AG

LAR's Oil in Water (OIW) analyser QuickOIL is the online measurement system for the determination of oil, fat and grease in water. Since oils and fats consist of carbon compounds, TOC analysis is particularly suitable for their reliable detection. Hence, in contrast to other oil in water detectors, LAR's TOC analyser determines all types of oils and fats – regardless if they are of animal, vegetable or synthetic origin. For the assessment of water streams, whether oils and fats are present or not, operators use TOC analysers to avoid investments in several OIW systems.

The centerpiece of the TOC analyser is the oven. Here, the samples' thermal combustion at 1200°C takes place. The high oxidation potential guarantees the complete decomposition of all sample ingredients to CO2. Thus, there is no need for operators to purchase oxidation promoting catalysts. The produced CO2 is measured by a NDIR detector and then, the TOC value is determined. The innovative process control reduces wetted parts to only three single components. Memory- and carry-over effects are avoided and measurement results are determined within a few minutes. In the case of exceeding the alarm threshold, operators may quickly initiate countermeasures protecting downstream plant areas from pollution.

LAR's QuickOIL is designed for the measurement of up to 6 sample streams without carry-over effects. Thus both, the influent as well as the effluent may be reliably monitored by one unit. As a result, investments in several OIW systems are avoided and the operating as well as maintenance costs are minimised.

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