Oil Skimmers’ decanter allows continuous skimming with minimum water pick up


Source: Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil Skimmers Inc., the leader in oil skimming equipment and solutions, offers a decanter that is used to return water droplets during the oil skimming process back to the skimmed area. The Oil Skimmers decanter works on the basic principle of differences in specific gravity between oil and water – lighter oil will float higher than water. A specifically designed manifold, incorporated with an oil weir, allows the oil to overflow at a higher level, while the water is continuously discharged at a lower level. To assist in the oil/water separation, an optional heat rod is available in either 120V or 240V.

Also included is a sludge pan for catching heavy solids. Users should consider a decanter for the following situations:

• If the skimmed oil is frothy, as found in machine tool coolant, cold rolling mill coolant or parts washing solution. The decanter gives the solution a chance to separate from the removed oil and to be returned to the solution reservoir. This process will conserve on solution loss and new solution purchases.

• When the oil does not enter the skimming area for long periods of time, the oil skimmer continually operates to protect against excessive discharge. When no oil is present, the decanter will prevent an accumulation of water in the storage tank.

• Where oily waste disposal costs and/or oil reclamation costs need to be controlled. The decanter will minimize the quantity of water or solution accumulation in waste storage containers, therefore controlling costs.

Oil Skimmers Inc. offers long-lasting, customized oil skimming equipment and solutions for diverse manufacturing and industrial applications that require dependable, continuous removal of oil from process liquids and wastewater. With thousands of systems in operation, some for over 40 years, Oil Skimmers provides reliable, cost-saving oil skimmers with excellent customer service and support.

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