Oil Skimmers, Inc., offers to aid in the clean-up of the gulf oil spill


Source: Oil Skimmers, Inc.

As heavy oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico begins to wash into the fragile Louisiana wetlands, environmental organizations, governmental officials, and citizens alike are worrying about how to clean up the shallow waters on the shores. Oil Skimmers, Inc., offers a unique solution that can be of service in the clean-up effort.

In a June 1st press release Governor Jindal said that 126 miles of Louisiana’s coastline is currently being impacted by the oil that has washed ashore from the Gulf of Mexico, affecting natural resources and wildlife. Fishermen are out of work and according to the state of Louisiana, scientists fear that the seafood will suffer significant negative effects. Many of the methods used at sea to clean up the oil are ineffective or implausible at the shoreline, where water is shallow and the oil layer thins out. In this shore environment, other methods begin to remove large amounts of water along with the oil.

What is needed is a skimming system that removes oil but very little water, can be easily mounted on small barges or boats, can operate in confined areas and can run unattended around the clock. The Oil Skimmers, Inc., Model 6V and Model 5H Oil Skimming Systems are the perfect solution. These oil skimmers have proved for over 40 years that they are easy to operate, remove waste oil in an efficient manner without picking up an excess of water, and can run around the clock. The polyurethane tube used with both Models attracts oil while easily snaking around any floating debris that might clog or impede other skimmers. Oil Skimmers, Inc., can also customize any mounting system to work with boats or barges, including a method to store the collected oil.

Jim Petrucci, Vice President of Oil Skimmers, Inc., explains, “Initial indications suggest that there will be a variety of methods used in attempting to clean up the oil. I have heard of everything from small hand built barges to large ships and pontoon boats being used in conjunction with oil removal equipment. We at Oil Skimmers, Inc., want to concentrate on how to apply our oil skimming equipment to the chosen rigs to create the most effective oil removal system. We offer cost-effective oil skimmers and all the options for mounting those skimmers, including customized mounting options.” Oil Skimmers, Inc., wants to use the reliable and efficient floating tube-type oil skimmers to help clean up the oil that threatens wildlife and the livelihoods of Louisiana residents.

Oil Skimmers, Inc., offers long-lasting, customized oil skimming equipment and solutions for diverse manufacturing and industrial applications that require dependable, continuous removal of oil from process liquids and water. With thousands of systems in operation, some for over 30 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc., provides reliable, cost-saving oil skimmers with excellent customer service and support.

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