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It was a fantastic 2014 for Warwick Ward and sales of Tana Shredders.

As we move into 2015 now, we have an impressive forward order book and are looking to further our presence in the market with this incredible machine.

Tana differentiates itself from the competition with the unique ability to do much more for a recycling company. I thought I'd share with you just a few of the features and benefits of owning one, and what we help our customers achieve daily. Tana has the ability to shred waste products in 'One Pass' to a uniform and specific product size. Having the ability to shred between 40-500 Mil size's allows companies to think differently about their waste and processing capability moving forward. Here are just a few of the things we helped our customers achieve in 2014.

Our customer was producing an RDF product at 400-500 mil and achieving a bale size for export at approximately 850kgs. Tana improved their uniformity and weight by allowing them to go smaller 150-250 Mil, improving bale size to 1.2 Tonne, with 5 bales per hour more production for export. The machine recorded at 57 Tonnes per hour capacity at only 38 Litres per hour in fuel. More weight, more productivity, more profit

Our metal client were able to process mattress springs, aluminium sheet, and UPVC materials for smaller size, thus improving the value, and extracting of steel and non ferrous for greater separation. Boiler cabinets were also processed for the extraction of copper, by allowing the shredder metal to be removed via the magnet, and the valuable copper elements to be separated into a container. This material would of otherwise been sold within a steel price. Given the size of the products it greatly reduced transport movements, wear on the Frag, and a better product for their customers. More weight, more productivity, more profit

By processing Green-waste through a Tana to a smaller product size, we showed many customers last year how we can effectively speed the process of 'Rotting Down' by reducing the material if needed to 50 mil in one pass. This enabled customers to process quicker, take more material in, and have a sellable product in a much shorter time. Why Have Green waste taking up valuable room in a business, when you can get it ready to go to your customers quicker than ever.
More weight, more productivity, more profit

Tana can produce a uniform wood product between 40 and 500 mil in 'One Pass'
Historically Biomass wood chippings have needed two shredders, a Slow speed and a High Speed, but come with big acquisition costs, fuel and maintenance.
Not any More. One machine, one system, one cost. Tana allows its customers to process, Stumps, Root Balls, Pallets, Sleepers, or any type of wood when it comes into your transfer station or facility. It does this extracting all the metal value that may of been previously lost with a lessor machine. More weight, more productivity, more profit

One of our customers last year, needed a 2 inch tyre chip with minimal metal content. With a Tana 440DT I was able 'In one Pass' to process tyres to their desired specification, and extract metal wire for profit. We were able to remove
at least 80% of the metal, leaving an easy job for their granulator to turn it to crumb. This enabled our customer to refine the process better, and achieve a better product, faster, and more efficiently than their existing set up. More weight, more productivity, more profit.

These are just some of the benefit of owning a Tana Shredder, their are many more, and I will share with you over the weeks, video's, and examples, what we can achieve with Construction and Demolition Waste, Household Waste, Skip Waste, Plastics, and many more... I hope it was a productive read.

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