One success builds on another

In business, the only thing better than a success is following it up with additional successes for the same customer.
E.ON Värme Sverige is a Swedish subsidiary of E.ON (the world’s largest privately owned energy group). The company operates one of the largest CFB (Circulating Fluidised Bed) incinerator plants in Europe and in 2002 they installed two M&J 6000S-12 pre-shredders to process the input to the two hammer mills used in this installation.
These key pre-shredder units have provided E.ON Värme Sverige with exceptional reliability ever since. M&J Industries has also had a good track record of smooth, effective collaboration with this company throughout the planning, delivery, set-up and commissioning of these installations. This resulted in an important new shredder order for M&J in 2008, with a view to completely replacing one of the two hammer mills. This was a very important decision for E.ON Värme Sverige, on account of its potential impact on the company’s core operations.
The new M&J shredder unit, delivered in August 2008, consisted of a single M&J 6000S-16. This completely new configuration has a patented cutting table fitted with 2 x 16 knives rather than the 14 previously available as the maximum. These 16 knives also feature a new shape, specially designed for this particular task.
The contract featured a broad range of specific performance targets, including that there should be an 11% maximum for grains over 100 mm in size. E.ON Värme Sverige stipulated that compliance with these stringent requirements was to be verified by an independent analysis company.
These tests actually showed that the performance of this new M&J shredder is significantly better than required, with consistent grain size output results as low as 6.5% and with an average of 8,5 %, in addition to a capacity almost 25% greater than the contracted target.
For E.ON Värme Sverige, there are also substantial additional advantages, exactly as M&J Industries promised. Compared with the existing solution, the M&J 6000S-16 is guaranteed to use approx. 50% less energy to provide a capacity that is almost 25% greater. It has also resulted in lower operating costs and a much higher run factor. Not surprisingly, E.ON Värme Sverige has expressed its full satisfaction with this important new investment.
This key order places M&J Industries firmly in the frame for future secondary shredding projects worldwide.

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