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Oniko installs Miox on site disinfection system in the Ukrainian city of Kolomyia

MIOX Technology Replaces “Dangerous” Liquid Chlorine for Disinfecting Drinking Water

MIOX Corporation, a leader in safe water disinfection, today announced that their exclusive distributor, ONIKO, has installed a RIO M2 on-site mixed oxidant generator to disinfect the water treatment plant in the City of Kolomyia, Ukraine. The MIOX system is providing safe drinking water to the city’s 60,000 residents. The order represents the distributor’s first MIOX on-site disinfection generator. The installation has been highly publicized in local and national television, including this television news broadcast.

“We are very excited about this first installation,” said Anatolii Kolesnikov, president of ONIKO. “Our client, the city of Kolomyia, was driven to make a change from containerized liquid chlorine, a dangerous disinfection method. The client had experienced chlorine leaks and the equipment was often in need of repair. They sought MIOX – and specifically the mixed oxidant technology - as a safer solution and we were pleased to provide it for them. They are fully satisfied with the MIOX equipment.”

“MIOX is proud to have ONIKO as our distributor in these regions,” commented Kyle Lee, MIOX chief operating officer. “Their demonstrated understanding of the market, strong relationships and technical expertise make them an ideal partner. More importantly, ONIKO is committed to rapidly expanding access to safe, cost effective water disinfection while creating environmentally sustainable value for its customers and the surrounding communities.”

MIOX appointed ONIKO as its exclusive distributor for the territory of Ukraine in 2010, and recently expanded its territory in 2012 to include Belarus, Moldova and Armenia exclusively in addition to Russia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia non-exclusively.

Generating sodium hypochlorite or advanced mixed oxidant solution on site eliminates the need to purchase, transport and store hazardous bulk chemicals. The mixed oxidant solution used by Kolomyia’s water treatment plant offers all the disinfection power of hypochlorite with additional treatment benefits including reduced or eliminated biofouling, disinfection by-product (DBP) reduction, improved taste and odor, and improved water clarification processes.

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