OptiShear jet cooker


Source: ProSonix LLC

The ProSonix OptiShear Jet Cooker is the Next Generation in Jet Cooker design for starch cooking applications. Typical application include Wet Milling processes, Ethanol production, Sweetner & Alcohol production, and Industrial starch processing such as Wet End & Coating for Paper Mills.

The OptiShear's ungique Jet Cooker design assures proper alignment of the internal steam injector to assure uniform and radial slurry flow for complete cook-out of the starch slurry. Improved alighment also reduces excessive pressure drop thus reducing slurry pump energy demand and localized wear.

Integration of the OptiShear Jet Cooker can be done for manual or remote auto control. No propietary black box controls required for integration with your PLC/DCS control.

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