Guardian Environmental Technologies, Inc.

OSCAR Oil Sheen Containment And Removal System

Contain and remove oil sheen simultaneously.

December 13, 2012 -- William Litwin, President of Guardian Environmental Technologies is pleased to announce a new development in the critical field of dealing with spilled oil and other petroleum products in ports, harbors, marinas and even at sea.

This device named 'OSCAR'was developed by the company to fill a need to quickly deploy a containment barrier around an oil spill source that will simultaneously absorb and remove the floating oil sheen. Sheens can be caused by the slightest amount of oil on the surface of water (1 liter can contaminate 500 square meters of water surface). Although oil containment booms have been a standard in the industry for years, very little has been developed other than the deployment of polypropylene absorbent booms on the surface of the water with only moderate success. Removal of sheens on the surface of the water has plagued the transportation industry for years.  

OSCAR is an advancement proprietary to this company and embodies the characteristics of both containment boom and our industry proven SheenGuard absorbent blankets. In addition, the absorbent material inside the blankets is another proven product called “PetroGuard-D”, first introduced in 1993. The absorbent not only absorbs but permanently retains the absorbed oils. There is no residual release of absorbed oils as is frequently the case with conventional absorbents. In fact, PetroGuard will not release even under extreme pressure so that re-contaminating the water with what has already been picked up is never a problem.

OSCAR blankets are attached to the containment boom either with carabiner clips or nylon zip-ties. They are constructed of sections to allow easy deployment and replacement. Under most sheen removal operations, the blankets will continue to absorb oil for weeks at a time due to their high absorption capacity (400%). The company expects that operators from many industry segments can realize significant cost savings in man hours while staying in compliance with local and national directives and regulations. Please contact us for more information.