Our latest Surefire® waste incineration plant is about to be shipped out


We have often reported that even though every single waste incineration unit we build is designed and manufactured in our UK factory, their final destination and workplace could literally be anywhere in the world.  This latest project, a Surefire® SF200, is a typical example because although it was expertly engineered in our Manchester workshops it is now about to be shipped to its destination in Eastern Europe.

This particular waste incineration plant was commissioned by a world-leading international contractor that specialises in constructing and operating infrastructures for the oil and gas industry and other energy sectors on a global scale.  As part of the requirements for one of their latest projects was the need for an efficient and ultra-reliable waste incineration facility.  This French based market leader had no hesitation in contacting Matthews Environmental Solutions.

After a number of meetings and discussions it was decided that the ideal solution would be a Surefire® SF200 fixed hearth waste incinerator and as a recognised global benchmark for quality and reliability we had no hesitation in recommending it … while our new customer had no reservations whatsoever in specifying it for their work camp.

The fully proven hydraulic cylindrical design of the Surefire® range is engineered with the strongest possible 1600°C refractory construction along with high-efficiency calcium silicate insulation to ensure years of maintenance-free operation coupled with unrivalled combustion efficiency.

On a busy, work-intensive work camp that generates large scale quantities of waste, the Surefire® SF200 with its 200kg per hour primary chamber is ideally suited to deal with high volume waste disposal along with the minimum of supervision or operator involvement.

Like most of the waste incineration plant we produce, we customised the design to match our customer’s individual requirements with the inclusion of a number of non-standard specifications.  These included:

  •  Automatic ram loader and automatic ash removal system
  •  Diesel fired burners
  •  Combustion air system
  •  Enlarged secondary chamber
  •  Waste oil injection system
  •  Advanced operator-friendly control system
  •  Skid mounted

Following the completion of all the engineering work in our factory our quality control engineers then rigorously tested the unit including firing the chambers and curing the refractory lining ready for shipment to its final destination.

This is yet another excellent example of the worldwide confidence that our market leading range of waste incineration products inspire.  Made in the UK … recognised and respected around the world.

If you would like to discuss your waste incineration requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us on +44 (0)161 337 4488.  You can also email us at: sales@matwuk.com or you can always send us an online message using the form that can be found on our Contact page.

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