“Our Planet” show to feature FreshAWL, LLC


Source: FreshAWL, LLC

The producers Our Planet are pleased to announce that FreshAWL, LLC will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s Environmental Impact series on Sustainable Water Management Practices for the 21st Century.

Waste has had a significant role in world history. From as early as 500 BC, cities have had to develop solutions to deal with waste generated by its people. Not only were early methods of waste management unsightly and odoriferous, they played a part in several pandemics. The industrial revolution brought an increase in population to industrial towns and cities, creating more industrial and domestic wastes.

Consequently, there was an increase in the threat to human health and environment. With the invention of indoor plumbing, better waste management and sanitation laws, health and environmental issues have been considerably reduced. While the general public often takes these advancements for granted, waste management professionals are constantly seeking the latest technology to ensure waste treatment procedures are safe, efficient and comply with federal regulations. One company that is providing organic solutions to waste management companies and wastewater treatment plants is California-based, FreshAWL, LLC. Committed to fresh air, water and life, FreshAWL helps companies manage waste and the foul odors they create, in an eco-friendly way. Odor control is a major issue for waste treatment centers and many of the odor-reducing chemicals contain a surfactant which is toxic to animals, humans and the environment. FreshAWL’s core product FreshAWL containing the Sulfree™ molecule, is an eco-friendly alternative for controlling hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and foul odors. FreshAWL ™ is the first truly green organo-imino sulfide scavenger and acid-gas eliminator that works in both water and oil-based environments to break the bonds between beneficial bacteria and sulfur thereby freeing the bacteria to do the job they are naturally meant to do—break down the waste products effectively. It works safely, efficiently and provides a green solution while lowering costs. FreshAWL™ serves customers in multiple industries including septage haulers, water treatment plants, wineries, dairies and landfills.

FreshAWL™ is also working on soon-to-be-released personal use products such as room deodorizer, hand soap and an antibacterial hand cleaner. The products are currently undergoing testing at a well-recognized restaurant chain. Initial feedback has been extremely positive about the products ability to remove onion and meat odors from workers’ hands.

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