“Our Planet” show to feature Therma-Flite


The producers of Our Planet are pleased to announce that Therma-Flite will be featured in an upcoming episode as part of the show’s series on Environmental Impact.

Therma-Flite has a long history of screw conveyor technology and auger design, manufacturing equipment for chemical and process industries all over the world. The “Bio-Scru” is an application of this technology which was originally invented for industrial applications and has recently been applied to the thermal treatment of biosolids for the Municipal Wastewater industry. This heritage of process diversity brings technology into the market with an emphasis on ease of operation, reliability and economy, and has become a staple of the chemical and construction industries.

In the company's Benicia, CA, facility, Therma-Flite developed the Therma-Flite IC series 'Bio-Scru' biosolid dehydration system. Intended for service in small and medium size municipalities or biosolid processing plants, they were designed to require little in the way of operator intervention other than routine maintenance, while achieving a consistent Class A material and reducing or completely removing disposal costs.

'Since those early days, Therma-Flite has continued to develop and re-evaluate the heat exchanger screw conveyor industry,' says company President, Mike Potter. 'Our processors have lasted longer, processed more and handled more materials than any other manufacturer in the world. Through use of innovative construction materials, varied flight designs, new rotor configurations, diverse heat transfer media and custom designing nearly every project, Therma-Flite has not only set the bar ― we have completely re-engineered it.'

Similar systems manufactured by Therma-Flite can be used for a wide range of applications, including recovery of ash from coal fired power plants, sewage and other waste products, minerals and chemical products or even food products. With the application of heat, it can sterilize food products as well as contaminated soils and sludge. Its drying effects can remove water from slurry, sludge and filter cakes or separate solvents from polyethylene and other products, both synthetic and natural.

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