Pacific carbon trust launches new streamlined project acquisition process



Based on feedback from its partners in the BC offset market, Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT) has launched a new, streamlined project acquisition process.

This new procurement process offers three (3) potential entry points, which are tailored to meet the needs of projects at different stages of development:

  • Idea stage - before the project plan has been validated
  • Validated - after the project plan has been validated
  • Verified - after greenhouse gas reductions have been verified

PCT's new call for offsets is designed to give project proponents greater clarity on commercial terms early in the development process, allowing them to pursue offset projects with confidence. At each of these entry points PCT may choose to enter into term sheets, letters of intent or offset purchase agreements with project proponents.

Pacific Carbon Trust plans to hold a proponents' webinar and launch an updated version of its Guidance Document to the Emission Offsets Regulation (EOR) in the coming weeks.

As well, PCT has launched a new $3 million call for forest-based offset projects that will include select seed, fertilization and afforestation activities.

PCT is actively sourcing up to 1 million tonnes of offsets annually. Project evaluations are ongoing and proponents are welcome to submit to the process at any time.

For more information on carbon offset opportunities or to download procurement documents, please visit the Current Opportunities page on the Pacific Carbon Trust website (

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