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Palas to expand product range for discharge systems for aerosol conditioning


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News on XRC 049, CD 2000 and Kr-85

X-ray neutralizer XRC 049

Electrically charged aerosols can seriously distort measurement results, e.g. in filter testing. Discharge systems produce a balanced and reproducible charge distribution in the aerosol and thus enable reliable measurement data. With the new XRC 049, Palas offers a discharge system that is particularly suitable for mobile measurements. The X-ray neutralizer is the only one on the market to operate with a tube voltage of 4.9 keV, i.e. soft X-rays, thus not subject to the X-ray Ordinance. This avoids imposition of official transport restrictions on the user. The XRC 049, compatible with the U-SMPS systems, utilizes the bipolar neutralization prescribed by ISO / CD 27891, which enables reproducible charge distribution. The discharge system has full capacity immediately after switching on. After switching off, no further ionization occurs.

Discharge system CD 2000

The discharge system CD 2000 has been successfully used in filter testing for decades. It works based on bipolar corona discharge, which is required in some standards such as ISO 11155-1 and EN 779. This allows liquid and solid aerosols to be provided with a positive, negative or neutral charge. This offers the advantage of investigating the removal efficiencies of filters selectively. With the CD 2000, ionization is performed electrically; thus, no operating license for radioactive devices is necessary. The discharge system is available for mixed volume flows of 2 – 18 m3/h and 3 – 36 m3/h.

Aerosol neutralizer Kr-85

A very reliable solution for measurement with U-SMPS systems and calibration of nanoparticle counters is the Kr-85 system. This aerosol neutralizer uses the radioactive noble gas krypton-85. The krypton is contained in a hermetically sealed stainless steel reservoir. Even in case of release, it is virtually not absorbed into the body, but exhaled again. Nevertheless, increased demands in terms of radiation protection are needed, on which Palas will be happy to advise. Upon request, the neutralizer Kr-85, available in two versions differing in activity (57 MBq and 370 MBq, respectively), is supplied with additional lead sheathing.

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