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Palintest ChlordioX Plus & ChlordioXense – now US EPA Approved


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The ChlordioX Plus method for determining Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite in public drinking water supplies is now a US EPA approved method.

The approval, also applicable to the ChlordioXense makes the monitoring of chlorine dioxide quick, simple and precise.

  • Rapid analysis for chlorine dioxide resulting in consistent results.
  • Simple test procedure requires minimal training.
  • Approved and accurate method makes it a great tool in regulatory environments.

Suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as food processing and cooling towers as well as public water supplies, the Chlordiox Plus is the only portable US EPA approved method available for reporting chlorite.


All of Palintest’s Sensor Technology range is now EPA approved.
If chlorine is your disinfectant of choice, try our
ChloroSense for free and total chlorine in under 60 seconds.
If lead contamination is a concern in your drinking water, the
Scanning Analyzer will give you equivalent performance to Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

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