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PANalytical introduces XRF solution for alloy

PANalytical’s new Axios-Metals NiFeCo-FP package provides a complete solution for wide-range elemental analysis using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. It overcomes the need for a large number of reference materials and the use of dedicated analyses for each sample type.
The new PANalytical package comprises: the Axios-Metals wavelength dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer; a specially prepared set of standards and dedicated Fundamental Parameter (FP) software. This combination enables the analysis of up to 21 elements in alloys, super alloys and steels with a single measurement program. The NiFeCo set-up samples enable the transfer of a calibration based on more than 120 reference samples of nickel-, iron- and cobalt-based alloys.
X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis is a principal method for process and quality control in the metals industry. The technique is robust, non-destructive and requires only simple sample preparation. Now, PANalytical’s Axios-Metals NiFeCo-FP package solves the problems traditionally associated with wide-range alloy analysis by XRF. Results are accurate and precise, with excellent system stability. Prior to the introduction of the new package, such analyses presented a significant challenge for XRF. Dedicated measurements for each sample type were required, and a large number of reference materials needed.

Designed for operation in harsh industrial environments, PANalytical’s Axios-Metals WDXRF spectrometer is configured specifically to meet the needs of users in the steel and metals industries. The instrument provides consistent high quality data across the full elemental range, in concentrations from ppm to 100wt%. An integrated X-Y sample handler and a choice of loading options ensure rapid sample throughput. In addition, Axios-Metals is easily integrated into automated laboratory systems and, with a small footprint, is ideal for medium-to high throughput applications in both production control and R & D environments.

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