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Paper mill waste recycling solution


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Great value exists in the Paper Mill Waste recycling

With the raising awareness of protecting forest and grass, most paper mills choose to recycle waste paper as raw materials to produce paper. Various waste paper can be used to remake paper, like carton box, office documents, cardboard for package.etc. A report shows that a recycled paper mill with an annual output of 1 million 500 thousand tons will produce 180 thousand tons' paper making waste residue' a year. As there are some plastic, mental and grits in the waste paper, taking advantage of these kinds of waste to remake fuel is the other potential business for the paper mill.

Waste produced in the process of paper remaking

Normally used paper will be packed by wires via compactor and then transferred to the paper mill.

Most of the used paper will dissolve in the process of manufacturing pulp, the rest of metal wires and plastic will be curled together. That’s how the ragger wire and ropes comes from. 

Difficulties of Paper Mill Waste recycling

Lots of mixed paper mill waste which is difficult to dispose by manual

Derivatives produced in the process of paper remaking is highly difficult to be processed

Features of Harden One -stop Paper Mill Waste recycling

Harden has developed a one-stop paper mill waste processing system, including the ragger wire shredder, hammer mill and ferrous separator. This kind of system is prevalent in the market, harden one-stop paper mill waste processing has received thousands of successful cases since released.

Chain conveyor+Harden Shredder+Hammer Mill+ Ferrous Separator

  • Conveyor transport for labour reducing
  • Low noise, dust and knives wear
  • Self discharging ferrous separators
  • Automatic central controller for safe and easy operation
  • Horizontal packing machine saves transport and loading cost 

Benefits of Harden One -stop Solution for Paper Mill Waste recycling

  • High efficiency
    • 1-10 tons waste paper can be disposed of per hour
    • 96% of the plastic, metal wire can be separated
    • Metals recovery, RDF(Plastic)production
  • Reducing
    • Solve the unrecyclable problem
    • Reduce the landfill space
  • Economical 
    • High quality automatic system lower the labour cost
    • Quality machines save cost in maintenance
    • Save transportation cost

Recommended Harden #TD912 paper mill waste recycling shredder

Specification Paper mill waste shredder TD912

  • Motor power kW 75+75
  • Cutting chamber mm 900*1220
  • Knife size mm Φ460*50
  • Number of knives pcs 20
  • knife roll speed rpm 16/18
  • Hopper opening mm 2000*1400
  • Machine size mm 4500*2200*2800
  • Machine weight kg 10000
  • Output kg/h 1000-2000

Please feel free to contact Harden to discuss more paper mill waste processing solutions.

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