Parking on your Rentention Pond


Source: Advanced Pavement Technology

ADVANCED PAVEMENT TECHNOLOGY is proud to announce another cutting edge technology milestone for stormwater management.  BASS™ (Bio-Aquifer Storm System) has provided a simple solution for stormwater detention requirements and now has successfully demonstrated its ability to provide a simple solution for stormwater retention.  Utilizing BASS™as an underground storage facility has enhanced land utilization by a college where there was no surface area available for a traditional retention pond.

Elmhurst College, located in Elmhurst Illinois, has commenced with Phase II of its planned LEED certified dormitory expansion program that included a sustainable site design with over two acres of permeable pavement system constructed in phases.  Phase I has been successfully completed.  It is being used as an access for construction on Phase II and the associated dormitory building construction traffic and lay-down area for staging of materials.

Phase I was designed and engineered by Wight and Associates of Darien, Illinois to accommodate student parking, provide detention and retention for part of the planned addition of a dormitory.  This parking area with the use of Eco-Swales and BASS™ will be built over an excavated area of 20,000 square feet approximately, eight feet deep.  This area will be filled with CA-1 aggregates that will utilize the void area between the aggregates and will serve as a retention pond. The area is approximately 3.3 acre feet that will meet a one-hundred year storm event as required by the City of Elmhurst.

Discussion with the construction manager, Project Control, regarding Phase II required using Phase I area as an access point to allow excavation of soils to be removed from the site and also for replacing the excavated area with additional CA-1 stone for Phase II retention area, approximately 3.2 acre feet, under Aqua-Bric® .  It is estimated that over 1,000 fully loaded semi-trucks have trafficked over Aqua-Bric® and BASS™ retention area in less than thirty days.  Bass™ has preformed beyond original intent and has shown no deformation due to the construction stress.  In addition, after a year of service BASS™ has performed as a stormwater post structural BMP both as a detention and retention facility. The school will be monitoring as a result of a DuPage County Stormwater Management division grant for water quality measurements that will further continue to support BASS™ as the best solution for stormwater management and sustainable site design.


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