PC-BOD/Titrate Duo™ BOD by day, titrate by night


Source: MANTECH Inc.

Man-Tech Associates Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the PC-BOD/Titrate Duo™. The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo enables laboratories to prepare and analyze samples for BOD5 then, with a simple change of a rack and probe holder, analyze different samples for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and more! BOD by Day, Titrate by Night. With the PC-BOD/Titrate Duo, Man-Tech delivers BOD and Titration in one, a quick return on investment, and rock solid technology. The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo follows 21st edition of Standard Methods, US EPA, and ISO Approved Methods. The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo with AutoMax73 or AutoMax122 is a durable, reliable system, which takes up less bench space than two separate systems. It delivers rapidly generated results that are accurate, precise and that will stand the test of time.

The PC-BOD Titrate Duo™ lowers the cost of training as a result of the DUO platform, it is simple and easy to switch between configurations, has a common, dynamic rinse station for both platforms, and innovative autorun buttons which simplify operation. It also offers automated import and export from/to LIMS, and allows the operator to easily add more samples to the batch while running. The PC-BOD offers automated addition of dilution water, seed and inhibitor as well as automated rinsing, and a standard YSI probe. It allows quick and easy sample set creation, pre-defined sample sets including blanks, seeds and GGA’s, the capability to analyze BOD and CBOD samples in the same batch and automation of 5- and 7-Day BOD analysis methods. The TitraSip™ Multi-parameter System allows automated pipetting, autodilution capabilities for high concentration samples as well as analysis of pH, conductivity, and alkalinity, all from a single sample. It also offers pH/conductivity/alkalinity in 3 minutes or less per sample and a 48,000 step buret drive to ensure accurate, precise titration results. The IntelliRinse™ system ensures system and probes are clean before moving to the next sample

Man-Tech Associates Inc. was formed as the result of an idea to develop a software-based autotitration system. When the idea became a reality, we had introduced the first PC-based autotitration system in the world. Our strength in software and automation, coupled with our focus on customer service, has led to the installation of hundreds of systems throughout the world and the continued growth of the company. Man-Tech continually strives to understand our customer’s requirements, in order to determine how we can best fulfill these needs with new product features. Our aim is to make your laboratory more productive while maintaining quality results, and to minimize the cost of analyses while maximizing personnel time. Man-Tech products are available in the USA through ManSci Inc. and throughout the world by an ever increasing network of distributors.

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