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PCME meets environmental requirements & reduces on-going cost of quality assurance activities

PCME’s proven experience as a global technology leader in the supply of Particulate Emission Monitoring Systems to the Cement Industry, lead to the development of a range of robust MACT compliant bag leak detectors. Fully satisfying the EPA guidance procedure for fabric filter bag leak detection, the DT990 also reduces the on-going cost of quality assurance activities. Importantly, for total reassurance of reliability and repeatability, the DT990 sensor incorporates a patented contamination check to compliment automatic zero and span checks which verify that amplification and conditioning of the measured signal is performed within pre-defined tolerances. For the ultimate proof that the sensor measurement is un-compromised, the contamination circuit monitors for current or signal leakage across the insulator. To meet the demands of a broad range of applications, PCME’s Electrodynamic technology allows the use of either a stainless steel or fully insulated sensor option, particularly useful for monitoring in humid or corrosive stacks. In addition, the DT990 has the capability to be fully accessed via an Ethernet network. Both live and historic operational data can be viewed from remote locations providing ease of access to compliance data such as zero and span check results, walking window (rolling average) results, bag pulse data and sensor contamination warning results. Networking of particulate emission monitors on a Cement Plant serves a dual purpose. Not only does it allow central monitoring of filter performance to satisfy environmental regulations, it also provides the means to optimize filter operation, reducing maintenance times and operating costs. PCME’s long-term partnership with B3 Systems, who provide data integration and service support from their Headquarters in Raleigh NC, has accelerated penetration and success within key industries throughout the USA.

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