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Peaceful parks for health and wealth


Source: Environmental Protection UK

Quality open city spaces are increasingly recognised as essential in improving local environmental quality, supporting climate change and biodiversity objectives and contributing to better mental and physical health of city residents and workers. They also make our cities more attractive to visitors and investors.

This report, commissioned by the City of London, is published as experts on urban open spaces and soundscapes from across Europe gather in Stockholm this week, to consider how we can reduce the impact of noise in our cities and maintain space for calm relaxation and enjoyment.

The report covers:

  • Public perceptions of quiet and the need for quiet
  • Defining quiet areas – UK and Europe
  • Climate change, biodiversity, air quality benefits
  • Open spaces in the City of London
  • Practical improvements for quieter open spaces

Quieter open spaces improve physical and mental health - and this is recognised by the Environmental Noise Directive which requires that quieter open spaces are identified and protected.

'Our report shows that a partnership approach to open space management can create green corridors, mitigate climate change impacts and provide peaceful outdoor places for relaxation, exercise and education and contribute to protecting soil,' said James Grugeon, Chief Executive, Environmental Protection UK.

'Environmental Protection UK is working at local, national and European level for integrated improvement of our local and global open spaces'

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