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Peak Scientific Launches the Genius 1022 Nitrogen Generator


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Peak Scientific expands on Genius range with the Genius 1022 nitrogen generator, designed specifically for use with the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive

30/30/2012 -- Peak Scientific’s Genius range of Nitrogen generators has officially added another string to its bow with the introduction of the Genius 1022 Nitrogen Generator. Based on the popular NM32LA model, the 1022 has been modified for unparalleled integration with Thermo Scientific’s Q Exactive™ Mass Spectrometers.


The Q Exactive™ is part of a new generation of Mass Spectrometers with a fast scan speed and multiplexing capabilities, allowing greater confidence in identifying and quantifying a wider range of compounds. The Genius 1022 Nitrogen Generator increases the operational pressure to meet the required input specifications of the Q Exactive™, ensuring a reliable and continuous flow of gas.


“Our Genius 1022 nitrogen generator has been specifically designed to support the higher input pressures demanded from instruments such as Thermo’s Q Exactive™ Mass Spec. Maintaining the balance of compressor cycling at a higher pressure to maximise operational service life, without compromising on the quality of gas delivered by the Peak Genius range.” – Chris Pugh, Engineering Director


The Q Exactive™ brings  a new level of sensitivity and performance at bench-top Mass Spectrometer prices, making it a perfect partner for Peak Scientific’s range of high-performance, ultra-quiet bench-top nitrogen generators. The new wave of bench-top mass spectrometry technology is expected to have a significant impact on several areas of research and basic analysis which require LC/MS including food safety, environmental analysis, drug metabolism and clinical research.


Peak Scientific have been designing and manufacturing gas generators at their base near Glasgow since 1997. Realising that the market was dominated by a handful of big players, with one dominant competitor controlling most of the market, Peak Scientific challenged the status quo via innovation and product development, designing out the flaws inherent in the first wave of new gas generators. Today this strategy has proven to pay off with the small Scottish company’s market share rapidly growing at home and overseas, earning the company a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.


About Peak Scientific:

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd manufacture a range of laboratory Gas Generators, including nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air suitable for most laboratory analytical applications including LCMS (Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry and GC (Gas Spectrometry). Their generators are used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications including pharmaceutical drug development and forensic identification of unknown chemicals. The Peak Family now extends to more than 100 members, based either in our offices in the UK, USA, India, Germany, China, Mexico and South- Africa or based as Tier 2 Support in countries such as Canada, Australia and Poland.


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