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Pebble ballast netting used for bird control


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We were recently awarded a further project to prevent Pebble Ballast from being moved by birds, on this occasions the culprits are Corvids, more commonly known as Crows.   

Crows, known to be one of the cleverest, most adaptable of our birds have been seen to pick up the Pebbles Ballast roofing and drop it from height causing damage to glass atria causing a potential  serious health and safety hazard to passers-by and drivers alike. 

Ballasted roofs are becoming increasingly popular as clients attempt to increase the usability of their buildings – netting the loose laid pebbles is the best way to prevent any unwanted safety incidents. As one of the UK’s largest specialist bird control companies we knew just how to help. 

Choosing the correct fixings and netting gauge is critical to ensuring a long lasting, cost effective solution as is installing the system to the roofs without causing any damage - fortunately Eco Environmental are highly experienced when carrying out these types of specialist works.  We carry out a number of bird control solutions such as bird netting, bird spikes and bird wire.

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