PEL Solar Compacting Bins Installed by the Paris Municipality


Source: PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

Paris Municipality has installed fourteen PEL Waste Reduction Equipment solar compacting bins in the Opéra district as part of an evaluation programme being carried out by the city to improve and save on litter collection costs.

The Paris Municipality has installed fourteen of the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBinTM IoT solar compacting bins in the 9th District or arrondissement on the right bank of the city.  The installation is an assessment of innovative litter collection technologies by the City Municipality. Specifically, the project is evaluating the potential of IoT solar compacting bins to improve the litter collection service in the district and save on the costs associated with that service.

The 9th arrondissement is located on the right bank of the River Seine. It contains many places of cultural, historical, and architectural interest, including the Paris Opera, Boulevard Haussmann, and many large department stores.  It is the busiest tourist area in the city and normally, litter bins in the district are collected up to four times per day. These litter collection journeys add to already congested traffic, frustrate other road users, aggravate local business owners and workers in the area and negatively impact the tourist visitors who are the lifeblood of the district.

The PEL Waste Reduction Equipment SolarStreetBinTM is a heavy duty, vandal proof litter bin accommodating either a standard 120Litre or 240Litre wheelie bin. The bin features an on-board solar powered motorised compaction system which increases the bins’ litter holding capacity by up to x10. The use of a standard wheelie bin means that existing collection vehicles can service the bin rather than a need for any specialist equipment.  The litter flap on the bin is operated by a foot pedal or by a handle mounted on The x10 capacity significantly reduces the number of visits required to service the bin. An integrated wireless bin-fill sensor allows litter levels within the bin to be monitored and the technology sends out an alert when a bin needs to be emptied. This monitoring and alert capability lets the Paris Municipality focus their litter collection resources on only those bins which require servicing. The SolarStreetBinTM improves general street hygiene standards through eliminating overflowing bins, reduces collection vehicle traffic and associated C02 emissions whilst at the same time cutting the costs of providing the litter collection service.

The Initial feedback from the Paris Municipality on the performance of the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment solar compacting bins has been very positive. In the first week after installation, the SolarStreetBinTM required servicing every three days rather than the four visits per day required by the standard bins. The performance of the solar compacting bins will be monitored over the next six-months and the Paris Municipality will be rolling out the initiative across all twenty-seven districts in the city pending a successful outcome from the trial.

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