Pennsylvania Crusher’s Mountaineer™ sizer offers users low horsepower, low noise levels and low maintenance costs


Source: Pennsylvania Crusher

The Pennsylvania Crusher Mountaineer Sizer is designed for primary or secondary sizing of coals, industrial minerals and ores with minimum fines. The Mountaineer Sizer has demonstrated its ability to size product very accurately while producing extremely low fines and operating at low speed. It also uses relatively low horsepower, resulting in reduced equipment wear and energy costs as well as low noise levels.

The Mountaineer Sizer employs standard drive components rather than custom reducers and couplings resulting in considerably less expense for the user. Low headroom, as low as 40 inches, enables system designers to provide compact plant layouts.

Built extremely rugged and with a high capacity, its crushing chamber is equipped with heavy duty liners, and all side liners are reversible to maximize parts life.

The Mountaineer Sizer is best applied for reduction ratios of 4:1, and is offered in various many lengths and center distances, enabling this product line to accept input sizes as large as 1 meter (40”) and to produce output sizes as small as 95% -50 mm (2”). The Sizers are direct driven through a gearbox, and a fluid coupling is provided for tramp iron protection. The slow rotor speeds used crush materials primarily by shear, resulting in minimum fines.

Rotors are provided with in both pick and segmented tooth designs to suit the specific application needs of the end user, taking into consideration the material being crushed, the desired product size, and capacity.

Pennsylvania Crusher has 7,000 crushers installed in more than 80 countries. With 30 crusher models and 2 feeder models, each available in different sizes and configurations, users can choose from more than 400 crushing and feeding solutions.

Pennsylvania Crusher is a wholly-owned subsidiary of K-Tron International, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTII). Pennsylvania Crusher’s headquarters is located in Broomall, Pennsylvania, USA. Their 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA.

A complete list of Pennsylvania Crusher’s size reduction equipment and feeding solutions can be found at

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