Perceptive Instruments celebrates 20th Anniversary


Source: Perceptive Instruments Ltd.

This January Perceptive Instruments begins celebrating its 20th year of serving our customers with image analysis and data processing solutions for biomedical and materials science applications.

We will be commemorating this milestone by launching a completely new customer support area on, as well as expanding our presence at international conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Most importantly we shall retain our focus on innovation, quality and customer support.

Since its inception in 1990, Perceptive Instruments has developed a truly global customer base; organisations on every continent use our image analysis and data processing solutions, ranging from Universities and other research institutes to small/medium sized companies and multi-nationals.

Perceptive Instruments Ltd. develops, manufactures and supplies image analysis and data processing solutions for many areas of scientific research and industry. Our products are used primarily in the pharmaceutical & health care industries, as well as environmental monitoring, food and manufacturing industries. We have established an enviable reputation based upon our willingness and ability to completely satisfy our clients’ needs. We provide standard 'off the shelf' systems and customised solutions based on current or novel technologies. Examples of special solutions include systems for antibiotic testing, vaccine development and robot vision.

Comet Assay IV is an interactive live video-based system for scoring cells subjected to the single cell gel electrophoresis technique (comet assay). The system is the very latest in a highly successful series of comet assay scoring systems from Perceptive Instruments that have evolved and developed since the release of our first system in 1992.

Sorcerer provides instant, accurate plate counting for microbial and mammalian colonies. It is ideal for laboratories engaged in drug development and production, food and milk testing, environmental monitoring and public health.

The Ames Study Manager is a study management and reporting system for Ames testing. Together with the Sorcerer automatic colony counter it provides a complete solution for regulatory and non-regulatory safety assessment.

SpeckCheck 2 is the advanced scanner based system for automatic detection and analysis of dirt and other contaminants in pulp and paper.

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