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Turnkey Ozone Precursor Analyzers Offer Programmable Pneumatic Control for Maximum Ease-of-Use and Reliability

ORLANDO, Fla. – PerkinElmer, Inc. (NYSE: PKI), a global leader in Health Sciences and Photonics, today announced five new systems for remote environmental air monitoring. PerkinElmer’s turnkey Ozone Precursor Analyzers combine the Clarus® 500 multidimensional Gas Chromatograph (GC) with the Company’s recently introduced family of TurboMatrix™ Thermal Desorbers to maximize ease-of-use and reliability for ozone precursor and air toxics analyses. The new systems, which offer integrated programmable pneumatic control (PPC), were unveiled at PITTCON® 2006, Booth 2669.

The new Ozone Precursor Analyzers build upon proven technology and methodology developed by PerkinElmer, in conjunction with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to allow for the collection and measurement of C2 -C12 hydrocarbons automatically, without the use of liquid cryogen. This established method, which has been successfully implemented on PerkinElmer systems for many years, can now utilize state-of-the-art, integrated technologies incorporating PPC to offer total system remote control for complete, unattended operation.

“PerkinElmer is committed to providing innovative solutions to help manage the quality of the environment and its effect on human health,” said Jonathan Rennert, vice president and general manager, Analytical Sciences, for PerkinElmer’s Life and Analytical Sciences division. “By integrating our Clarus GC with our TurboMatrix Thermal Desorbers, PerkinElmer is providing true remote operation, flexibility and ease-of-use for ozone precursor and air toxics analyses, while continuing to deliver a complete, single-vendor solution for gas chromatography.”

The five new Ozone Precursor Analyzers, incorporating PerkinElmer’s TurboMatrix 100 TD, 150 ATD, 300 TD, 350 ATD, and 650 ATD Thermal Desorber models, also enable customers to match technology to meet their specific laboratory needs by providing both single-sample and automated 50-sample configurations, with either manual or fully integrated PPC configurations. Other key features and user benefits include:

Easy setup and maximum reliability – With integrated PPC functionality, the new Ozone Precursor Analyzers allow for drift-free operation and easy setup of pressure and flow control, automatically taking into account pressure-drop relationships with trap impedance, different column and transfer-line dimensions, as well as temperature and carrier gas type.

Efficient system integrity monitoring – The new Ozone Precursor Analyzer, incorporating the TurboMatrix 650 ATD Thermal Desorber, offers a fully-automated procedure to measure variances in trap impedance to establish specifications or initial values. Trap impedance measurements against initial values optimize QC efficiency and traps maintained in optimum condition enhance confidence in analytical data.

Enhanced ease-of-use and adaptability – With a few quick presses on the intuitive, color touch-screen user interface on both the Thermal Desorber and the GC, the new Ozone Precursor Analyzers allow users to set parameters and start sampling utilizing any one of eight operating languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian.

Single point-of-control – The TurboMatrix Remote Control Software (RCS) supports TotalChrom® to provide integral control of the thermal desorber’s methods and sequences. Configured in this way, TotalChrom serves as a single point-of-control for the complete system, including the TurboMatrix Thermal Desorber, Clarus GC and data handling. Using an external application, such as pcAnywhere™, allows total-system remote control along with automatic data archival via the Internet, LAN or dial-up modem.

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