Tecora, a division of Omnisense Technologies

Tecora, a division of Omnisense Technologies

Personal Biological Air Sampler

ARELCO ARC announces the availability of a new biological air sampler CIP10 M for individual or dedicated sampling. The micro organisms are collected on a liquid which is maintained in a rotating cup which generates a helicoidal air flowrate. The lab analysis (enumeration or identification technique) of the liquid determines micro biological air quality (bacteria, fungi, mould or endotoxin...)

The small, compact light and low noise CIP10 M offers the opportunity of static or individual efficient sampling. Depending of his head configuration, the CIP10 M collects the total, inhalable, thoracic or alveolar aerosol fraction. The slowly collection of the airborne micro organisms on the rotating liquid reduces the problems associated with conventional bioaérosol samplers. The moving liquid prevents desiccation of the microorganisms and saturation of his collection surface. The helical air movement offers a slowly deposition of the bio aerosols on the liquid to preserve the microbial cells integrity and viability.

The CIP10 M is the new tool to assess the biological characteristics of air from public buildings (hospitals, veterinary clinics, transport stations, leisure and sport centers, commercial centers...) and assess workers’ exposure (agriculture, medical and military, food, waste and sewage industries...).

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