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Peter Keeley heads to the World Recycling Congress 2016


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Peter Keeley tells us why he is looking forward to his upcoming trip to the World Recycling Congress in Berin.

Getting out and about

As a doctoral researcher I spend long periods of time working away in a lab gathering data. The World Recycling Congress in Berlin offers me a unique chance to get out and about and share my findings with others. It is exciting to work for a company like Tetronics International as our solutions are key to the sustainable future of our world.

The congress offers me the opportunity to meet up with many researchers from across the globe, and let them know of the ground breaking technology we are developing here at Tetronics International in the UK.

Spreading the word

My paper focuses on recycling air pollution control residue (APCr) via plasma arc technology. APCr is a fast growing hazardous waste of which the UK is expected to produce 500,000 tonnes a year. My paper will help people understand how Tetronics’ ground breaking technology can help tackle this issue.

I will also be presenting about the benefits of Tetronics’ unique product, Plasmarok and how it can be used to build our roads. Plasmarok is a glassy material that is produced from the transformation of a hazardous waste into a non-hazardous safe product via our plasma furnaces. We at Tetronics have found this area of work fascinating and we think it is a brilliant potential application for our material which is produced in many of our processes.

There are also a number of metal recovery talks which are being presented over the three days which is another aspect of my research here at Tetronics. Metal recovery is something that our engineering team are involved in nearly every day, so I am looking forward to hearing some talks and learning about alternative metal recovery processes that could help my colleagues.

Not all hard work

Many of my friends have told me how great Berlin is and I can’t wait to see the city especially its historical sites like the Berlin wall (or what’s left of it) and also some of the culture in and around the city as it is supposed to have a cool vibe!

I will be going with Professor Neil Rowson and Dr. Richard Greenwood from the University of Birmingham who are my academic supervisors. Their guidance and help in my research has been invaluable and so it will be a great opportunity to spend some time with them outside the lab and maybe share a few drinks!

The conference should be a great chance to learn about the many aspects of recycling and hopefully I can take a lot from the talks and formulate new ideas for my own research. Hopefully Berlin will be as inspirational for me and my thesis as it was for David Bowie and his music! (I have heard all this research can make a lad insane…)

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