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PFAS - Treatment of Groundwater on Airport Site


Source: Cornelsen Umwelttechnologie GmbH

PerfluorAd - Innovative Solution with Great Performance

The effect of the innovative solution PerfluorAd is to remove the bulk of PFAS or PFC contaminats prior to an activated carbon polishing system without breakdown components and with the result that activated carbon life is significantly extended and disposal costs reduced.

Data are derived from a real field application at a European airport. We are happy to share the results. PFC concentration had been up to 700 µg/L. Removal rate achieved more than 90% in the pre-treatment step.

The remediation system is in continuous operation since September 2015. We have experience at a number of sites.

Cornelsen’s PerflourAd ingredient on the contrary is injected as a liquid into the flowing water within a stirring reactor vessel. The liquid form of the ingredient leads to a high degree of contact with the contaminant to which it can readily bond with and precipitate the PFC compounds.

This approach affords the opportunity to flexibly adjust the quantity and application method of the additive to changing conditions within the untreated water. This permits optimisation of the process to target concentration levels and therefore optimise cost.

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