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Scottsdale, AZ: TEFSA, a leading international designer and manufacturer of industrial dewatering and filtration equipment introduced the new, advanced technology, High-Yield FPO filter press line to the North American mining market at the 2007 SME Annual Mining Conference. A combination overhead and sidebar unit, the PFO uses the advantages of both configurations with plates hung overhead and hydraulic side-pulling cylinders on all four corners to deliver the highest possible yields and cycles.

The capital-intensive mining industry demands simple, yet rugged and reliable solutions for filtration and dewatering in mining and mineral processes. Equipment must provide high through-puts and efficient solids capture, operate continuously in harsh environments, and handle highly abrasive materials with minimal maintenance and operational attention.

TEFSA’s heavy-duty PFO was specifically designed to address minerals and mining applications, such as copper, zinc and lead concentrates, industrial minerals, coal and coal tailings, with several state-of-the-art features:

• Heavy-duty, oversized inlet and hydraulic frames linked by side tension rods supporting the pressure piece and the entire plate pack.
• Hydraulic cylinders positioned on both sides of the filter press, two cylinders per side, to open and space the plates with a transfer system with spacers.
• Fully automatic and programmable control for all press wash, squeeze and discharge functions for efficient, almost maintenance-free operation.
• Specially designed hydraulic power pack.
• Sealed recessed and membrane plates in corrosion resistant polypropylene material with outer feeding and filtrate ports.
• Top center inlet feed and four corner port discharge.
• Weight cells for exact production control.
• Cake and core blowing before plate opening and cake discharge.
• Mixed membrane-recessed plates for greatly reduced cycle time and maximum cake dryness, press capacity and production.
• Washing system with high pressure nozzles on top of every plate to rapidly and simultaneously wash the entire plate pack at every discharge.
• Added filter cloth transfer system in the washing stage to assure that filter cloth surfaces are particle free and ready to operate the next cycle under perfect conditions.
• Hydraulic double door drip trays under the plate pack to collect drippings and wash water.

Available in four models offering a range of plate sizes up to 2000 x 2000 mm and feed pressures up to 60 bar, the PFO filter press can be configured for customer specifications. It is also adaptable for future plate pack expansions, often with minimal change over.

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