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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Enters Agreement to Offer OLOID™-PTM Mixers to Treat Wastewater Lagoons


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Palmyra , PA USA, January 6, 2006 Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd (PMSL), the leading provider of aeration equipment and optimization services, announces that they have acquired the exclusive rights to market and sell the OLOID™ line of wastewater mixers in the Americas . Combining PMSL's capabilities with Switzerland based OLOID AG's technology innovations will make this new technology more accessible to North, Central, and South American plants. PMSL will also provide all service and support for the OLOID-PTM models. Primarily used in wastewater lagoon applications, these low-Hp, pulse type movement mixers are particularly well suited for algae control and nitrification in municipal lagoon operation.


With over 50 years of expertise in the high performance mixer industry, PMSL's agreement with OLOID AG was developed in order to provide close logistic support and process optimization. Developed outside the US , PMSL is the only domestic company to be awarded licensing to sell this next generation technology in wastewater treatment. PMSL now increases its capability to cover all major wastewater biological treatment applications.

Utilizing advanced technology designs, the OLOID-PTM line uses pulsating, directed flow and circulation by generating oscillations and waves that gently treat the waste liquor while providing efficient aeration. This technologically superior mixer solves the increasing need to optimize the lagoon wastewater process efficiency in domestic markets. Typical applications where the OLOID-PTM mixers are most effective include: pond/lagoon sewage treatment plants, prevention of algae, enhanced nitrification, flocculation and sludge treatment, basins for industrial wastewater, municipal lagoon wastewater plants, and agitation and homogenization of various liquid media.

As the recognized leader in the field of fluid mixing equipment and process optimization services, PMSL will provide test data and invite all customers to visit the world's largest and most comprehensive mixing test lab to view real-time testing of the new OLOID-PTM technology.

For more information on the OLOID-PTM line or the testing facility, call 1-800-95-MIXERS, FAX 717-832-1740, email , visit , or write to Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, 1221 East Main Street , Palmyra , PA 17078-9518 . Visit our website or call 800-956-4937 to learn more about PMSL

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