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Photo-hydro Ionization


A detailed explanation of the air purification technology contained in AgriAIr purification units:

This exclusive advanced oxidation process utilizes dual wavelength UV elements that are targeted onto a tri-metallic catalyst surface. This surface is coated with a proprietary TiO2, Ag, Cu, and hydrophilic coating. UV energy (254nm) striking the target surface activates production of hydroxyl radicals, super oxide ions, and hydro-peroxides on the PHI cell surface. The hydrophilic surface (absorbs moisture from the air), as well as the water contained in the air itself is what is split into OH radicals in the advanced oxidation process. Our dual wavelength lamp also emits UV energy at 185 nm.

The photon energy at this wavelength is sufficient to split oxygen molecules. These ozone molecules are then reduced back to oxygen by the 254 nm UV energy that is also emitted from the UV element (another type of advanced oxidation reaction). The results from this reaction process also produce OH· radicals, super-oxide ions and hydro-peroxides similar to the surface reactions discussed earlier. As you can see, not only is the target surface active, but so is the air space between the target and the UV element. PHI not only treats the air with germicidal UV light, it also has the added effect of continuing to treat the air after it leaves the cell. The PHI process is very effective at reducing microbes, as well as odors (something conventional UV system simply cannot do).

PHI units have been vigorously tested by R&D Engineers and outside third party labs, government agencies, universities and major Fortune 500 clients including: FDA, Federal Food Safety Service, ETL, TUV, UL and Kansas State University. Ozone emission results are always in the .01 ppm range well below the .05 ppm that the FDA and California consider safety limits.

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